Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Best Endorsement

Both my opponent and I have stacked up pretty impressive endorsements. None of them are as valuable to me as the solid support and endorsement of my wife. I wish everyone could see the inside of the campaign and understand her role of support.

Kay Van Buren

Thank you to Kay Van Buren who last night expressed his support of my candidacy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Endorsed by Provo's Firefighters

I'm proud to have received the endorsement of Provo Firefighter's local 593.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have known John Curtis for over twenty years and have worked with him in two different Companies. John is one of the most remarkable people that I know. His unique leadership skills have served him well all his life. His energy level is very unique and he becomes totally involved in his activities. The people of Provo are very fortunate to have John running for Mayor and I feel confident he will lead them in the right direction.
Larry Seamons

Friday, October 9, 2009

Midge Johnson's Comments on John

I met John Curtis when the City became involved with the subsequent move of his business, Action Target, from the Dixon neighborhood to the Mountain Vista Business Center. He demonstrated strong leadership skills in his negotiations and impressed me with his inter-personal relationship skills in working with others. For the past year John has been a “regular” at our Council Meetings. Not only our Tuesday night meetings but our Work Sessions, Retreats, Study Sessions, Administrative Briefings, etc. He has met with every Department Director and has worked diligently to get prepared to lead our city. He has had conversations with many, many employees seeking to understand their jobs and feelings about going forward. Most impressive to me, is the fact that he doesn’t demand to be heard or postulate at these meetings. He quietly and simply listens and learns.

He’s an astute businessman and has impressive experience running a large and successful business. He’s the best candidate suited to run the executive branch of our city.

He’s the candidate that also understands law enforcement best. He believes the highest priority of government should be to keep us safe. No wonder he has the endorsement of the Provo Fraternal Order of the Police and the Provo Firefighters #593! Having served with the Provo Gangs Steering Committee and knowing the increasing, and threatening problems were having in Provo, I agree that this has to be one of our top priorities. John’s opponent recently stated in a televised debate, that we don’t have gangs in Provo and that it wasn’t a problem here. I’m telling you first hand that is absolutely false and we cannot hide our heads in the sand!

I’m excited with John’s vision for economic growth and his concepts of long-term, twenty year planning for Provo. He’s a can-do guy with a well-thought out plan that will help Provo reach important goals. W e haven’t had such a good candidate running for Mayor for a very long time. He knows the issues so well. I look forward to working with this man of integrity, vision and experience. In addition, He always takes the high road and has positive energy and the ability to bring much needed unity back to Provo City government.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Provo PD Endorsement

John was endorsed today by the Provo Fraternal Order of Police. This endorsement is a strong acknowledgment of his commitment to public safety. John is ready to launch his "No Gangs in Provo" plan the day he takes office. See his gang policy at

Friday, September 18, 2009

Rock Canyon Endorsement

Preserving Rock Canyon is a job John Curtis can and will do. As Provo's Mayor he will determine the best solution, build consensus, negotiate with power, win this battle and live to fight another day.
Sid Sandberg, Rock Canyon Neighborhood Chair

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Unsolicited Support from John Pilmer

Below is a cut from the blog of John Pilmer. To see the entire blog entry visit

The reason I support Mr Curtis relates to my overall view of politics in 2009. I believe John offers the best chance to really shake up governmental leadership in Utah Valley. Both of the candidates are conservative, both “experienced.” However, John has been running a substantial company in the private sector with a large budget that is answerable to shareholders. In my view, career politicians for some reason, lose some accountability to voters as their power base grows. Hence, the need for term limits. This is more true on a national basis (ie. U.S. Congress), but still true locally. Curtis is high energy with a sense of accountability to the bottom line, as well as the public. I like that.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Endorsed by Realtors

In recognition of my call for a 20 year comprehensive plan for Provo, I have been endorsed by the hard working realtors of Utah County.

I propose that we create a plan with a 20-year vision of greatness for our City with the following components:

1) A reflection of our best dreamers.

2) A comprehensive plan not just a land use planning document (Including “health, general welfare, safety, water and energy conservation, transportation, prosperity, civic activities, aesthetics, and recreational, educational and culture opportunities);

3) A plan that adopts in code and development guidelines our vision rather than holding onto rezoning as a bargaining tool

4) A solution that doesn’t makes students feel like a separate class;

5) A plan that will address neighborhood problems at the root;

6) A plan that has transportation options equal to our needs and demands, including evacuation strategies in the case of emergencies;

7) A plan that maximizes our natural resources (Lake, rivers, canyons and mountains)

8) An acceptable solution for airport growth;

9) Great parks, trails and recreation options;

10) A strong backbone of public works infrastructure, including cutting edge technologies;

11) A plan that gives developers a clear understanding of what we are looking for so they can plan and build with confidence that if they meet expectations we will welcome and encourage them.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Comments From Supporters

"While I have a high regard for each of the leading mayoral candidates, I feel that John Curtis would best serve the City of Provo as its future mayor for several reasons. I believe that John's unique background and open leadership style are best suited to unite our City, bringing together different groups and demographics to make a great city even better. I also appreciate John's broad perspective and long-term vision for Provo — planning for the City's needs 10, 20 and 30 years from now. John has done his homework and understands the issues, and I believe his exceptional intelligence, energy and commitment, coupled with his fiscal conservatism and principled approach to decision-making, should serve Provo well for many years to come." Bill Fillmore

Hre is why I support John Curtis
1. John wants what is best for Provo
2. John has no hidden agenda - ask him and he will tell you how he feels
about it
3. John wants city leaders to engage in dialogue together not against
each other
4. John is conservative when it comes to finances and our taxes
5. John has the courage to say no
6. John has the will power to do what is right for Provo

Gregory A. Hudnall Sr.

"I am supporting John Curtis because he is one of the most honest and skilled CEO's that I know. I love Provo and I think John is just the person to take Provo to the next level." Jeff Rust

"Please count me as one of your supporters. I have followed you on the issues and I appreciate your views. I have no doubt you’ll be a fantastic mayor." Andrew Howard

"John and I first met as Republican candidates for House District 62. During the campaign, I learned about John's strength of character, positive leadership style and that he was someone I could trust. We became good friends despite running against each other. I support John and encourage you to help me elect John as the next Mayor of Provo." Chris Herrod

"You have worked very hard at this. I wish every office holder would be as well informed as you. I like your philosophy that principles and policies are more important than party affiliation." Grant Misbach

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Comments From John's Coworkers

John Curtis leads with impact! Ever since I first met John over 20 years ago in a business setting, I have considered myself fortunate to know him. He impressed me from the start and hasn't done anything to make me think otherwise. His great first impression stays because he has the character, brains and ability to keep that impression. He finds a way to get people to work together and to deliver exceptional results. He is one of those rare finds that combines the most important qualities you would like to have in a leader. He has demonstrated that in business, family, civic and religious activities.

John will get things done. But he'll get them done the right way. He'll paint the vision, lead by example, build strong relationships and make Provo better in the process. He's the kind of person you'll wish you had leading Provo for a long, long time.

N. Warren Clark
VP Sales, Local Book Publishing or Principal, Wasatch Mountain Development

Dear John:
It's always a pleasure to spend a day with you. John, you are so well organized and have such a great attitude and spirit about.
John I know this sounds like a broken record, but all of us who work with you feel the same way, John's doing a terrific job!
You really make it difficult when you ask for suggestions because what you do so well doesn't leave a lot of room for suggestions.
Dale Samson
Vice President
O. C. Tanner

In all of our years together I have never met a person who wasn’t a total fan of yours.
Larry Seamons
Vice President
O. C. Tanner

John Curtis to me is just the definition of a great buy. He is level headed and keeps things in perspective. He has been a great friend to me. When I have had concerns, doubts or problems with different things John is kind of my guru and I sure appreciate the time he spends with me. He is a true friend and a real true professional.
Chester Elton Co-Author, The 24-Carrot Manager

I have known John Curtis well for the last seven years. John is one of the most clear thinking people that I have ever known.
John is an excellent strategist, who can see through the myriad of issues that cloud true, rational decision making.
John has high ethical standards He is a man with true convictions that govern all aspects of his life. He is a man that walks what he talks. He is a very hard working individual, who sets the standard for work ethic in his office. He has organizational skills that are excellent.
David Schweisthal

Out of all the jobs I've had this one has been the most rewarding. A lot of that has to do with you; the way you run our office, help us establish our goals and continually look for ways that we an improve as a team. You're a born leader and I feel privileged to have you as a manager.
Kim Dunham

You're the best boss I ever had
Ruth Parks
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